Make an Impact with Molding and Trim

Make an
Impact with Molding & Trim

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From baseboards to crown molding, these details add width, depth and height to a boring room

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Square One Home Improvements is a PROVEN EXPERT in Crown Molding

Compare a smaller house to a more expansive one. A distinguishing characteristic is the attention paid to the molding. In larger, more expensive homes, buyers expect that moldings are thick and expansive.

One of the easiest ways to update a room in your home is to augment the moldings. It does not close off even a smaller room; instead, the added framing adds depth to the walls. And today, the recommendation is even to paint the trim the same color as the walls to give the space a unified look.


The baseboards are important because they are the visual foundation for a room. “I like a high baseboard, 8 to 10 inches, depending on the ceiling height,” says Doug Davis of Tracery Interiors. “Usually just a simple 1x topped with a little bit of base cap trim.”

Wood floors are the most popular pick for flooring these days, and adding shoe molding is recommended over quarter round because it is a bit higher and gives a better finish.


Casing is a popular element in well-finished homes because it frames openings that do not have doors. This type of trim wraps the walls from one side to the other for protection. It provides some definition of separation even in an open concept. The suggestion is to avoid casings that are too flat against the wall, because then they look cheap.

“For casing I usually go a little smaller than normal in width and deeper than normal in profile,” says Mr. Davis. “One of my favorites is 2.25 inches wide and 1.75 inches deep at the outside edge.” This style frames an opening in a really dramatic and unexpected way.

Crown Molding

Crown molding same color as walls - Square One Home Improvements

It is important to emphasize both the base as well as the ceiling of a room to clearly define the space. Simple but substantial crown moldings seem to be a must, but should not be overly

“At the top of the room, I like a big simple cove molding, 5 to 7 inches high, depending on the ceiling height,” says Mr. Davis. “Cove molding’s one big dramatic curve makes a much bolder statement and avoids the busyness a more complicated crown can add.”

Designer Sarah Jernigan also likes substantial crown molding. “Good proportions are easily magnified with strong, heavy moldings,” she says. “A simple 8-foot room can become much more dynamic with a simple but strong 5-inch crown molding and 5-inch base molding. By emphasizing the base and ceiling, the room has much more character and strength.”

Square One Home Improvements specializes in quality-built, custom crown moldings. Square One Home Improvements uses refined techniques to ensure superior workmanship and lasting results on crown molding installations. These include: use of backing for crown molding, glued joints, and use of premium calking. You can see many of these crown molding installations in Virginia homes today, totally intact and unblemished because of the superior workmanship when they were installed some 10 years ago.

Finishing Touches

One goal of crown moldings is to seem like a natural extension of the wall upwards. It can look disjointed when painted in a contrasting color. D. Davis suggests painting the moldings with the wall color, but in semi-gloss enamel finish, suggests Mr. Davis. He maintains that this trick makes a room feel larger (no white outlines drawing the eye here and there) and introduces a very sleek and sophisticated touch. But for very dark rooms, he suggests standard white for the crown molding to tie up the “package” with contrast.

Square One Home Improvements would like your opinion on this non-traditional painting recommendation.

Question: Do you favor painting the floor and ceiling moldings in a room the same color as the wall so as to cause the illusion of extending the wall upward and making the room look larger? Please give us your feedback today by commenting on this blog article!

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